Month: February 2023

February 27, 2023

“The US Dollar is maintaining its strength against other major currencies this morning, after making significant gains in...

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February 24, 2023

“The recent release of robust economic data in the US and the hawkish language used by Federal Reserve...

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February 22, 2023

“Investor sentiment was holding a negative tone yesterday as flash PMI readings for February from the US, Eurozone,...

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February 21, 2023

“Bearish pressure on EURUSD remains moderate. The Euro did not gain much support despite recent data from Germany...

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February 20, 2023

“US futures contracts have become robust as a result of hawkish Federal Reserve comments, strong retail sales, and...

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February 17, 2023

“The US Dollar has been gaining strength against other currencies, with the US Dollar Index reaching its highest...

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February 16, 2023

“The dollar weakened against most G-10 currencies overnight as investors showed higher risk appetite on signs that global...

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February 15, 2023

“After yesterday's volatility, markets continue to exhibit caution this morning with the US Dollar maintaining its strength against...

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February 14, 2023

“Economists now suspect the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates at least twice more in the coming months....

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